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Program Five - Price List and Orders

QuickLink to order a Complete Advanced version that includes::
03 (Conditioned system), 04-05-06 (complete Statistical functions), 09 (Coupon print)
Total amount:
200 euro
Click Here

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QuickLink to order a Complete Junior version that includes::
03 (Conditioned system), 04-05-06 (complete Statistical functions), 09 (Coupon print)  12 (Junior discount 50%)
Warning! Junior version have a limit of 1000 lines for developed systems
Total amount:
100 euro
Click Here

Alternatively you can Order Program Five buying and paying only what really interest you. Build your own personal version of the program by choosing only what you need, nothing more, nothing less. You can purchase this program starting from 55 euros for a "Junior Gamblers" version to the FULL version that includes all the features of the program.

Item Module Description Cost BUY
00) Module Base 60 Required
01) Reducted systems (1) 40
02) (R) Sistems for exposures (1) 80
03) Conditioned systems (1) 50
04) Statistics/Conveniences (3) 20
05) FiveMatic (3) 20
06) Logic Functions (3) 20
07) (R) Enabling to import "Gamblers" version 20
08) (R) Serial check exclusion 30
09) Coupons print 30
10) (R) Direct connection to "Validation-Machine" (when possible) 80
11) TXT standard format registration 20
12) (P) (2) Junior Version (only for gamblers) (Max system limit: 1000 lines) Discount
13) (R) (2) Annual rental (30% of the normal cost - includes FREE upgrades 20%) Total
Enabled Lotteries
1 lottery
2 lotteries (50% discount)
3 lotteries (75% discount)
4 and more lotteries (75% discount)
This price list is provisional and subject to change without notice. For customers residing in EU is charged VAT 20%

Warning! This order procedure is in rewiev, we apologize for inconvenience. For any problem or info please write to:

Order summary

Lotteries: 1 
Total amount: 60 Euro

Last/First Name
ZIP, City
VAT / Fiscal  Code
Payment type
Bank money transfer
Credit cards, Paypal
Telephone (Optional)
Comment (Optional)


Directions: Plan your personal version of Program Five selecting the modules for what you are interested, on the left side you can check the total amount.
Please, follow next rules:

(R) Options reserved for book office (lottery's resellers)

(P) Options reserverd for "Private gamblers"

(1) Please, select at least one between this options

(2) It isn't possible to select this 2 option together, "annual rental" is reserved for retail offices.

(3) To order 'Statistics' option you need to select also 'Conditioned systems'

Special Info:
- If you order the program for more lotteries you can obtain a progressive discount, for example the 50% on the second lottery, then the 75%  and so on.
- ANNUAL RENT is reserved to lottery resellers offices
- JUNIOR version (reserved to Private Gamblers)give you a discount of 50% on the price list.  It includes all requested functionalities but with a limit of 1000 lines on final system.



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